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Solar Power Plants

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Product Description

Our company is a renowned Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Solar Power Plants. The solar energy can be turned into electricity either directly in solar cells or in concentrating Solar Power Plants by focusing the sunlight to run engine. Solar thermal power plant is another type Solar Power Plants. Solar Power Plants use either parabolic troughs or heliostats to direct sunlight onto a pipe containing a heat transfer fluid. The heated fluid is then used to boil water to convert it into steam which turns a turbine that drives an electric generator. The central tower type of Solar Power Plants consists of thousands of mirrors, depending on size, to direct sunlight onto a receiver on the top of a tower. Again the heat is used to produce steam to turn turbine that drives electrical generator. Solar Power Plants can be designed as per the requirement of individual to entire village, society and town; installation of power plant varies from 1 KW to MW scale as per capacity depending on requirement. Both On Grid and Off Grid with or without back up. Can be mounted on ground and roof top also. Modules of 230 WP can be used for designing the same. No cost of electricity other than capital cost negligible maintenance cost. The performance guarantees of 20-25 years of solar modules used in power plant.

Features :
  • Long life up to 25 years
  • Low maintenance high efficiency
  • Electrical back up for non-sunny days
  • No pollution, eco friendly
  • Central monitoring system
  • Assure long lasting parts
  • Investment returns in just 3-4 years

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